Pavia ItinerariA quadripartite logo formed of the interweaving of a path, a route, a story, a history. The logo is derived from the bas reliefs that decorate the outer columns on the portal of the basilica of San Pietro in Ciel d’Oro in Pavia. The design of the unvarying weave of ribbons sculpted into the sandstone of the church mentioned by Dante in the X Canto of Paradise has been stylised and evokes – in its colours – the four territories through which the four itineraries in the province of Pavia wind.

Lomellina, a land of waters is light blue, like the blue sky reflected in the watery mirrors of the tidy and boundless grid of its rice paddies, like its three rivers, its canals and its irrigation ditches.

Pavia is a strawberry blonde, the “rossa Pavia” celebrated by the poetess Ada Negri in I giardini nascosti, the red of the terracotta and the blonde of the sandstone in her Romanesque churches, towers, lanes.
Alto oltrepò
The Upper Oltrepò is green, like its hills and the Apennine foothills, where the vineyards reach out to meadows and woods.

The Wine Valleys are the colour of pomace, a homage to their fine grapes and their famous DOC and DOCG wines.

Tourism promotion Kit for local tourism operators

The kits contain the following materials:

  • The book Guida – 4 itinerari turistici nella provincia di Pavia, in Italian;
  • The “Abstracts” of the individual itineraries (The Lands of the Kings, The Wine valleys, Towards the Upper Oltrepò, Castles and Rice Paddies), both in Italian and in English;
  • The display stand
  • The brochure, both in the Italian version and in the English version;
  • The map of first tourist accommodation, both in Italian and in English;
  • The window sticker;
  • The adhesive, which carries a dynamic advertising.

Guida – 4 itinerari turistici nella provincia di Pavia

Title: Guida – 4 itinerari turistici nella provincia di Pavia

Year: 2014

Size: 11 x 22 cm; 240 pp.; ill.

Price: € 17,00

ISBN: 978-88-88000-62-6

  • 4 amazing itineraries
  • 240 pages full of information and suggestions
  • more than 700 pictures
  • 71 municipalities in the territory of Pavia
  • 300 sites of cultural and natural interest

The Guide is for sale:

  • in major bookstore in Pavia and in its province
  • directly from the Publisher at the cover price and with free shipping (tel.: +39 011 3119037 – e-mail:
  • in the major online retailers