terre dei re This itinerary will lead you first of all through the sights of Pavia, capital of the Longobard Kingdom, starting with the rediscovery of their art through the utilisation of their monumental materials in later historical periods. A tour in search of the buildings that recall the presence of this ancient population and their ancient capital, culminating in the more recent cultural and artistic expressions that they have inspired in order to tell the story of the city. Our journey starts in Pavia, a city that – quietly, stealthily, secretly – will cast its spell over you.
terre dei re
Pavia is truly a city of secrets, with an elusive, discreet, concealed charm that is only revealed to those who are prepared to search for it and to learn where to find the city’s hidden treasures. Leaving the city, our path leads us through the beautiful Pavia countryside, to the splendours of the Certosa, a magnificent, monumental monastery complex, built by the Visconti family. Then on to Santa Cristina, to the princely castles of Belgioioso and Chignolo Po, and to the ancient hot water springs of the Miradolo Terme spa, the royal palaces of Corteolona, San Zenone and Arena Po, and the riverside communities so dear to Giovanni Brera, to discover nature and history with every step.

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